Aedict3 Japanese Dictionary Video recensioni & trucchi e suggerimenti che dovreste sapere

|| Ein Jahr in Japan || Wie habe ich Japanisch gelernt? - PART 2

PART 2 (aber gleiche Links) Der Titel und der Inhalt des Videos sagen bereits alles. ^^ YesJapan (auf Englisch): ...

Japanese dictionary pro for Android

A walkthrough my Japanese dictionary for Android This is my first video, ...

LEARN JAPANESE Study Materials #2: Online Resources


Using Aedict3 OCR with Android applications

A quick demo on how you can recognize japanese text from programs which do not allow you to copy-paste the text, for example a music player.

Kanji lernen mit Aedict und AnkiDroid

Kurze Beschreibung wie man japanische Kanji mit den beiden Android Apps Aedict und AnkiDroid lernt. Blogeintrag zum Video: ...

Using OCR to recognize a kanji in Aedict

A preview of the OCR (optical character recognition) feature, which will be available in Aedict 3.7.

Aedict 3.0/2.0 Review

Just a little video for the devs to check out and maybe improve their great product even more.

Aedict 3.5 new unified kanji lookup screen

Aedict 3.5 new unified kanji lookup screen.

Aedict 3.0 search

This video shows the search capabilities of the new Aedict 3.0. It also shows the new simplified navigation system. This is my first video - please excuse my bad ...

Midori, dizionario di Giapponese per iPhone

In questo video mostro Midori, dizionario di giapponese per iOS. Non è gratis, ma è fatto veramente bene, probabilmente è il miglior dizionario di giapponese.

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